$100 Dental Retainer

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We will meet with you in person, at your convenience, to design your custom retainer. For $100 you will recieve a set of upper and lower clear plastic aligners that are custom fit to your teeth. If your specific condition could be improved with orthodontic adjustment our orthodontic specialist will consult with you regarding a recommendation for treatment. There is no charge for this consultation. If all you needed was a replacement retainer you are good to go. If your bite is causing you trouble, you now have a set of retainers to keep your teeth from further shifting while you decide what to do. We will also include a free teeth whitening kit with your new retainers.

Top 3 reasons for needing dental retainers:

  • You’re tired of wearing your metal Hawley or Spring retainer and want to see if there is something better.
  • You broke your metal retainer or wore out your clear plastic retainer and would like to find an affordable replacement.
  • You went through orthodontic treatment as a child, but over the years stopped wearing your dental retainer. Now you’re looking to see what is available to either re-straighten or hold your teeth in their present position.

At Kunik Orthodontics it is important that you have a beautiful smile and that it is a healthy smile. Before we issue you a retainer we want to make sure that you’re clear of any periodontal issues that our orthodontic specialists might detect during your free retainer fitment consultation. Its important that your gums and teeth are healthy before wearing any retainer. That's why its important to see an orthodontist first.

There really is no reason not to see an Orthodontic Specialist while you're in Austin. Why see a general dentist or buy something online when there is no charge to visit the #1 Orthodontist in Austin, and Central Texas. Schedule a Free Retainer Consultation Today! We love what we do, and it shows. Visit us at any of our convenient Austin, Texas locations and experience the best orthodontic service for yourself!