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Keys to Success

Comparing Doctors

With Invisalign's sophisticated imaging, an experienced orthodontist can customize a personal treatment plan for any patient that results in a better experience than traditional braces would otherwise provide.

Service Orthodontist Dentist Online Smile Club
Free Consultation Includes Records Y N N
Offers Genuine Invisalign® Aligners Y Y N
Patient knows who creates treatment plan Y* N N
Patient meets doctor in person Y Y N
3D iTero Optical Scanner - 100% Digital Office Y ? N
All Scans 100% Digital Y N N
Initial Consultation in Person Y Y N
No-Waiting for your appointment Y** N Y***

* Only the most experienced orthodontists can fine tune the prescriptions to individual patients. Most doctors follow verbatim whatever the Invisalign remote technician happens to put in the treatment plan. [see unnecessary attachments]
** Kunik Orthodontics offers no-wait concierge service. We're on time so you're on time.
*** You don't have to wait in a doctors office if you're buying online. You will have to wait significantly for everything else.

Your Doctor's Experience Matters

After graduating from dental college, Dr. Kunik trained for an additional 2 years to become an orthodontist. Dr. Kunik has treated over 2800 Invisalign cases and 10,000 orthodontic cases since 1991. Orthodontic specialists, like Dr. Kunik, are much better equipped to diagnose and treat a wide range of patient case complexities. Orthodontists typically utilize the latest technologies like 3D Modeling and Optical Scanning.

"Experience matters. While a higher quantity of finished cases does not guarantee better quality, a low experience level results in unpredictable quality. Patients expect orthodontists to provide a higher level of quality. Patients expect orthodontists, who treat significantly more patients than their General Dentist, to make their experience significantly more comfortable, healthy, and faster. Keep in mind that "Experience" is the greatest differentiator between orthodontist and general dentist treatment plans. " Dr. Randy Kunik Orthodontist CE Training - Clear Aligners "The Rest Of The Story"

Invisalign Doctor Ranking Revealed

Treats 10 cases per year

Treats 25 cases every 6 months
Has treated more than 50 cases total

Treats 50 cases every 6 months
Has treated more than 300 cases total

Top 1% Doctor
Doctor is ranked in the top 1% of all North American Invisalign Providers
These doctors have treated significantly more than 300 cases

From Invisalign's Website: "If multiple Invisalign Providers are associated with a single combined practice, the Invisalign doctor designation reflects that of the dentist or orthodontist with the most Invisalign cases submitted."

What this means is that the dentist/orthodontist that you see at a large chain practice may not have the experience reflected by the Invisalign doctor locator. It is very important to find out the experience of the person you are talking to.

How Do Doctors Price Invisalign Treatment?

It is important to keep two things in mind when comparing Invisalign Treatment Pricing; Doctors are free to charge what ever they like for Invisalign and even though cases can be grouped by difficulty, every case is different. Most practitioners price treatment based on the total numbers of stages (which reflects difficulty).

Doctor's pay more than $2,000 for Invisalign. If your offered treatment for less, its not Invisalign. If you buy aligners online you are not getting Invisalign. Invisalign is only available at your local Dentist or Orthodontist, never online.

Comparing Pricing of Aligner Therapy

  • The greater the case difficulty the greater the price.
  • Some doctors don't spend any time on the prescription.
  • Invisalign is never sold online, you must see a local doctor in person.
  • A typical medium difficult case, with your orthodontist customizing the Invisalign treatment plan, is $5500. A generic Invisalign prescription might run $4500. An online cheap knock-off aligner DIY (Doctor Directed) might cost you $2,000.
  • A good way to tell if your doctor has just fitted you with a generic Invisalign prescription, is if it is loaded with attachments.
  • An Orthodontist takes pride in using as few attachments as possible. At Kunik Orthodontics, we hate attachments!
  • If you could get a no obligation, free, knowledgeable opinion about your teeth, why wouldn't you?    Get Kunik Appointment

Plastic Orthodontic Aligners Are Not Created Equal

  • The progress of aligner staging is based on a precise fit and movement of teeth.
  • Treatment plans rely on precision, is your doctor using the best aligner material available, is your doctor precise?
  • Online Smile Clubs do not use Invisalign Aligners. If your online treatment is DIY (doctor directed), how can you be sure the proper progression is occurring?
  • Improper fitting aligners can quickly cause unwanted tooth extractions. This is very bad.
  • Invisalign aligners are constructed of proprietary patented SmartTrack material not available to any other provider. Year after year Aligntech continues to develop Invisalign aligner material to provide a more constant force, higher elasticity, and more precise fit.
  • The software that orthodontists use to model Invisalign Aligners, is able to process iTero digital scans so that no impressions are necessary. In fact, the Clincheck software allows the patient to see a simulated progression through all stages of treatment.
  • Online Smile Clubs require that you make your own messy putty impressions, that you must box up and send in, so that a technician can evaluate your bite. It would be hard to create a process that is less precise than this. This is one of the reasons why online DIY treatment is limited to only the easiest of cases.
  • Many competing knock-off aligners are molded with an inexpensive straight line rather than a gingival cut at the gum line. A gingival cut allows the aligner to naturally follow the base of the teeth resulting in much more control and comfort.

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