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We expect that you're here to determine if our practice is right for you. Or maybe you've heard about our ability to reduce orthodontic treatment times for complex cases, using a combination of aligner + braces therapy. As soon as you're ready, give us a call. We would be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

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We've done the legwork for you and have provided quick links to some of the world's most respected review sites. See what our patients are saying and then schedule a to learn how the doctors at Invisalign Austin can help you achieve your perfect smile.

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As Orthodontic Specialists our #1 Priority is your Smile! We have treated over 10,000 orthodontic patients with 2,800 of them being Invisalign cases. As trained specialists we only straighten teeth. We work with other specialists in the dental community to ensure you receive the best possible care. If you would like a doctors reference please contact our office and we would be happy to provide you with several.

"I started with Invisalign in 1999 working on a research project with them on bicuspid extractions. I worked weekly with their engineers, all with no financial relationship. Whether it's Invisalign, standard braces, or lingual treatment, the mode of correction takes a back seat to the outcome and patient preference. The finish has got to be the same quality no matter how we start. But most of the time when patients walk into my office, I know what they want and that they don't want braces. Because of esthetics and comfort, Invisalign opens the door for patients that normally would not seek treatment." - Dr. Randy Kunik



Dr. Randy Kunik 2014 - Receiving Lifetime Achievement Award

November 2014 Invisalign Summit - Invisalign CEO Tom Prescott presents Dr. Randy Kunik with the Invisalign Lifetime Achievement Award for completing over 2,000 Invisalign Cases since 1999.