Orthognathic Jaw Surgery & Invisalign

Orthognathic Treatment

Orthognathic or Jaw Surgery aims to improve both the functionality of "chewing" (bite) and the cosmetic (balanced facial appearance) aspects of your jaw and teeth. The procedure will move your teeth and jaws into a new position that results in a more attractive, functional and healthy dental-facial relationship. Think of it as the surgery improving the fit between your jaws and the orthodontics improving the fit of your teeth and bite.

Invisalign and Jaw Surgery

In the case of jaw surgery, orthodontics is often required to properly position the teeth prior to the surgery. Invisalign Austin's approach differs from most other orthodontists in that, the patient's cosmetic needs come first. The traditional orthodontist / surgeon's approach is to treat the patient with brackets because the surgeon will need the brackets to attach a splint to stabilize the jaw post surgery. With this type of prescription the patient would be wearing metal braces exclusively for up to 2 years.

The Invisalign approach to jaw surgery allows the patient to experience all the advantages of invisible aligners have over metal braces both pre and post surgery. We treat the patient using Invisalign up until the week of surgery at which point we provide the patient with traditional braces. Then after surgery, the traditional braces come off and if no other corrections are necessary, the patient would be fitted Vivera. If further correction was necessary a few more trays of Invisalign would be used before the Vivera retainers were fitted.

In some cases, (see the patient at the right) may even be able to wear Invisalign right up until surgery. This is accomplished with sophisticated attachments and cutouts to accomodate the non visable brackets used for jaw stabilization post surgery.

Benefits of Invisalign & Jaw Surgery

As always, the  Consultation is Free!  Find out how Invisalign Austin's expertise can minimize the discomforts associated with orthognathic surgery.

  • Only need braces for 6-8 weeks! ... or less
  • Convenient removable Invisalign aligners.
  • Invisalign Austin works with the best oral surgeons in the business.

The Orthognathic Consultation & Plan

The doctors will listen to you and create an orthodontic plan tailored specifically to your needs. If you have alignment issues with your jaw, the orthodontic plan may include surgical options. These oral surgery options are just that, optional. The patient decides and has input into any phase of the orthodontic treatment. The patient has control and ultimately the final decision. We will talk over the options with you until you can confidently make your choice.